Saturday, November 29, 2008

Titanic has sunk

Alternative Chapter 1
Ok - we 3 Brown girls and at least some of ours...have inherited an ability/skill/talent to MANIFEST our lives. It comes through the Irish in us I came from Nells lineage. What this means is that we can place our determined vision of the future behind our eyes and PUSH it into birth - we can breath life in what we believe we deserve from life. Sometimes it takes a few years but it happens...good and bad. That is why we have also honed a determined postive attitude to swimming through this lifetime - lifetimes we all value very much. I Manifested my marriage with all my might and I believed with all my heart in my creation. God damn it I WAS going to be married and it was going to be a great marriage and I would go to the feckin ball. I thought I had. But it was not quite well enough made and it has sunk, and that is that.
Alternative Chapter 2
I have been very sad and overwhelmed with this loss - but stuff has happened to make me remeber that the world and the scope of the world is wide and I have not yet had my grown up gap year and there are people to meet, play with, talk to, love, sing and dance with all over this planet - and I have not even met them no time to lose. I am happy that coincidence or guardian angel has made me look hard at the wealth of love and friendship I have in my life and has made me make choices about the way my life will be manifested now (I have the flip chart paper and pens ready). I am hugely proud of my girls and hugely in love with my family and my friends. I am reclaiming the 27th December as the day upon which beautiful things happen - for the rest of my life. I am not mad and I am enjoying new friends.
Thats kinda it.

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