Friday, November 28, 2008

Titanic is sinking

Chapter One

It was the ship that could not sink. It was built on secure plans. It was the unsinkable Fargie-Brown marriage. So much hard thought and work went into this ship and the voyage was heading out to sea well - to new lands - to better places. And then the captains both took their eyes off things. One to focus on making more money and creating more security so the elder cptn could retire and all would be well - and the elder cptn because he wasn't getting enough attention anymore because the junior captain was working so hard, started stargazing again - and the the iceberg was upon them.

Chapter Two

She was in the water - and she couldn't swim. Dimly -throught the shock - through the memory of the swirling water racing through the hole - the electrics going out, the cables sparking... - the distress hooter filling the night sky with screams - she realised that she was going to have to survive. She wasn't alone - goddamnit - there was a child - she was holding her up in the water and had to keep working for her. If she had been alone she could have let go and spiralled down down down. Treading water - singing hyms - slowly she knew and felt there were other craft in the water around her - shouting support - sending her things to float on and to hold onto - but though there was no room on their boats to get her out of the water - there was support and encouragement to keep going. The waves are high and the water and the air is cold and she is alone with her babe.

Chapter Three
Who knows why or how - but a secret flare brought a boat. The man who lived on that boat saw the girl and the babe and offered an oar. The girl clung. She climbed up and was given soup and a towel and new clothes and she dried her hair and found some sleep. The man was kind and funny and knew a thing or two about surviving ship wrecks and promised all he was doing was helping her reach shallower waters where she might be able to paddle into a new life alone - maybe - herself, maybe not. So she cried and fretted and then eventually relaxed on his boat as the sillhouette of the Titanic became smaller and smaller and she began to leave that shipwreck behind..she began to mourn for that fine ship and all that it promised. Now though she new she was starting from a new design idea and would - one day - have the resources to build again.

Chapter 4

What next - where to find a place to build a new boat for herself and her girls? Who will be there to help or can she do it all alone? Where will the boat go....?This chapter aint written yet.

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