Sunday, December 21, 2008

Oh - and another thing...

Forgot to say.....

Under 'Observations' forgot to mention that drivers of things have also been a strange part of this odyssey of mine (very appropriately as am determined to remain captain of my own ship from now on and am relearning to steer again)

I had no idea driving things and people was - and of course it is - such big business - nor how many people I know (or used to know and now know again) are involved in this business. From paramedics super zoomey drivers who are cooking my turkey this year in between driving around saving lives (it's only one paramedic - am not surrounded by paramedics this Christmas as nice of course that this would be! Actually just re read that and it doesn't sound too good. Yikes I take that back, don't want to be surrounded by paramedics this Chrismas thanks) ... to those who drive huge luxurious coaches and hand hold our rich cousins from over the water in their Scottish travels and endless rounds of man golf in bad Tshirts and golf those who weave their lives around the stories of and the trips made by the good folk of Auld Reekie and its many festive visitors at this time of year...

So, driving things is a strong theme, all very congruent with 'getting through this Christmas is driving me insane' and me getting through this Christmas is probably also driving you insane! dinnae go, I'll be back on top soon!

So themed Christmas muse of the day - hmmmm, maybe I should be manifesting the popping up on Face Book of some boy I sat next to in Primary 4 - who at the time I took little notice of because he was a bit of a weed and had small round glasses and freckles but has since then grown up and become a big man with a winning smile and a gentle personality with a strange whiff of machismo eminating from his uniformed broad shoulders who pilots big planes all over the world, was widowed two years ago (tragic!) and is now over her (about time!) just about ready for a new friendship (with back rubs) involving exotic holidays and expensive jewellery...and no mistresses.

Dear Santa - r u listening? As I didn't win the lottery last night after all - this would do nicely instead along with a bit of Santa magic to help make my nails grow back please, some digital phones, an IPod and letters of permission from my kids, family members and friends that will allow me to go to bed on evening of 26th with a bottle of left over wedding cava and get up to a huge cooked breakfast with potato scones at 11 a.m. on 28th Dec.

I thank you. x

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