Thursday, December 11, 2008

OK - that poem was a little depressed. I have been told that was a worry by more than one person (hooray! More than one person reading my blog!) Do not be worried - I am a tough old bird..I was a single parent (from their baby hoods) twice over in my life before this and you don't survive that while building a starry career, watching beautiful girlie's grow and thrive and ruining carpets with the ease that I have done, without being a toughie.

So that day gone -new day is here.

So - today's challenges?????
1. The new sleeping blanket.
Sorcha is sad, Sorcha is blue and she is cold cause her radiator is not heating up and try as I might to bleed the bloody thing, its just not getting any better. So - got her a new warmy toasty sleeping blanket today to keep her cosy at night....then I tried to put it on her bed -alone!

I now remember why being a single parent is just plain shite. 1 hour later I have done it. However on the way I have given myself rope burns on my fingers - have been trapped flailing under the mattress more than once while trying to tie tie A to loop B and C and tie C to loop D and E - and then discovered - when all in place - the bloody plug would not reach the wall so had to start all over again! On the bright side spending that much time peering down into the dark pit that is 'under the bed of a 14 year old' (pinned face down by the mattress as I was) has allowed me to restock my cupboards with plates, mugs and cutlery - has made me richer by £7. 43 p and has introduced to me to an interesting little creature who I hadn't met before and didn't know had come to live with us! Also found a number of notes signed by me asking PE teacher to excuse Sorcha for gym as she has had a variety of incurable illnesses over the past three terms...including very severe periods every time (and I mean EVERY time) swimming was things NEVER change???

2. My ex-best friend and her debt - obsession

I am obsessed with my ex-best friends refusal to pay me back the 150 euros that was put on my credit card to pay for her v expensive British doctors consultation while she, I and my husband were honeymooning together in Portugal. (Yes I know NOW that the clue was in the fact that she was there at all - but at the time it all seemed to be perfectly fine! - DOH!) She had HUGE HUGE panic attack on our last day together in the Algarve - but I thought she had a chest infection - and we rushed down to white doctors office to save her life. Life duly saved " you have got yourself in a real state about something my girl haven't you" said nice British doctor to gasping friend, explaining that her condition was all to do with hyperventilation not heart failure - and I duly handed over 150 euro - hugging her and thanking him profusely.

Now I know this in the wider scheme of things is just a little thing - but the cow was shagging my husband and her panic attack was because she was shagging my husband (or was it because I was shagging my husband that morning and she knew it??-I don't know- it all gets a bit complex!) - any how - long and short of it - she and he completely bladdered our lives together and she OWES ME 150 EUROS and I WANT IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and breathe.......and again...

My cat Toby.... refusing to clean his bum properly now the horrid winter is her. How much of a boy is that? I want him to pull himself together!

Putting Water in my mini

I spent 40 minutes on forecourt of garage today trying to find catch thingummy to pull to open my bonnet so I could put water and screen wash in my car. AAAAAAAGH - am such a girlie. eventually phoned my friend Charlotte (nearly phoned Christmas tree man - how pathetic would that have been?!) who has Mini too. She told me. Charlotte is always saving me. I love her. Sorcha says Charlotte is a bit of tank girl and we will ask her this weekend to help us get Christmas decorations out of attic. It's time for turning house into Santa's grotto.

Women folk

My mummy is not well - we will make her better. My sister is exotically gifted with the ability to grow almost unheard of benign tumours from year to year - I wish she would stop it. My little sister snatched a full 7 minutes of phone time with me between her little boys daughter Robyn is going to New Orleans and I am sooooooooooo proud of niece to be Erin is celebrating her birthday today and my beautiful niece Emma is doing party's in Australia like a good 'un. Sorcha is home now and rolling around in very very very cozy bed. Life is OK and out there I don't doubt that someone is thinking of me...! Night night xxxxx


Emma said...

Definitely thinking of you xxx

Katie-B said...

Oh baby - thank you - am jealous of your adventures in Oz and keeping up too xxx