Sunday, December 21, 2008

Things that happened today

Things that make this a wonderful life so musn't forget it!
1) Gave a wee boy I don't know a proper Harry Potteresque looking magic wand in fancy box that lights up at the end when it is casting a spell, for his 7th birthday. Was rewarded with watching his jaw actually physically drop with wonderment and then 2 hours of solid 'spelling' around the Gyle - and what-do- you-know - everyone/every stranger who had the wand pointed at them just joined in with the fun....that was nice

2) Was reminded that intimacy is a very special thing that grows slowly over years and is very precious. It can't be picked off the shelf. Realised that I am dying inside from the loss of that intimacy I thought I had - and because of that doing other stuff badly/stupidly. Bit despondent bout that but will do better from now on. Glad to be reminded.

3) Was visited by village carol singers - specially - the only house on the street here that got them. Door was knocked by kids and group stood outside in scarfs and hats and with lanterns and sang Once in Royal Davids City with harmonies - at the same time as at least 50% of them waved at me and I even got a couple of kisses blown. I was entranced. I think I may be living in a Disney movie and its really nice! It's a wonderful life you know.

4) Saw Dom - that's all I can say about that. Can't even to begin to articulate anything other than - bugger - saw Dom! Wow! Years apart - havin coffee. Mad!

5)Bought Christmas 'frock' - its funky

6)Booked nail appointment for tomorrow night - I WILL have nails for Christmas!

7) Think I may have fininshed shopping - phew!

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